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Health protection The future personalized supplements starts with a blood test

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We collaborate with the most advanced laboratory and nutrition specialists in the world.

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9 out of 10 people can improve their health with supplements

Start with a blood test

89% Missing D-vitamin. Which is directly linked to cancer diseases.

76% Missing B12 vitamin. Which is affecting your abillity to see.

58% Missing melatonin. Which is affecting your abillity to sleep.

42% Missing C-vitamin. Which is directly linked to your immune-system.

Launch schedule

We will be offering world wide health protection by 2025


Denmark 2023

Valeo Life will be available in Denmark by January 2023


Spain 2023

Valeo Life will be available in Spain by summer 2023


Europe (2024)

Valeo Life will be available in for +10 contries in Europe by 2024


Global (2025)

Valeo Life will be available for +30 countries globally by 2025

Your health built on data

Next generation of health protection

Working with data from more than 3,000,000 yearly blood tests, we personalise supplements for health proctection and more. With every user's feedback, we improve our ability to personalise solutions for even more people.

Peter Winther Valeo Life

I have been practicing in biomedical analysis for more than 30 years and the procedures haven’t changed. Our mission is to make it affordable and possible for everyone to improve their health with personalized supplements.

How it works?

Advanced procedure with a simple process.

1. Start healthtest

The healthtest collects all the answer that our doctors need in order to evaluate your current health state.

2. Blood analysis

In collaboration with the world's leading laboratory we collect and analyse over 60 different body vital values.

3. Get a healthscore

Our system converts your blood test data into easily readable graphs and shows which values to work on.

4. Your Valeo Box

The Valeo Box contains 90 days of all the recommended supplements to optimize your health and well being.

What is a Valeo Box?

A Valeo Box contains 90 days of supplements uniquely customized after a each person's blood test to ensure 100% accuracy in our health treatment.